The IMP and DTSI create strategic alliance

With the new opportunities opened by Mexico's Energy Reform, IMP takes advantage of its great capacities to serve the entire energy industry of Mexico and the world. This is how the Institute opens markets and creates new business opportunities through partnerships. In this sense, the alliance with Technology Development and Integral Services (DTSI Mexico), is the launching point of the new strategic business vision of the organization in the search to renew its business and achieve a greater market penetration

The IMP focuses on maximizing value generation with highly specialized and high impact services, driving the development of the industry through five basic aspects:

  • Applied scientific research and technological development.
  • Innovation.
  • Scaling of products and processes.
  • Technical and Technological Services.
  • Talent development training.

  • Under the leadership of its CEO, the engineer Adán Franco Bustamante, Technology Development and Integral Services (DTSI) has been positioning since 2005 at the head of the market in the maintenance areas. From 2015 the company evolved, thanks to the block "Ricos" in the Round 1 obtaining, positioning itself like operator in the extraction of hydrocarbons; likewise demonstrating their operational capabilities for pipeline transportation. DTSI Mexico stands out in the areas of maintenance; Development of technology, Manufacturing of devices and systems, Procurement and construction, Engineering, construction and validation for Storage Terminals and service stations, project management, and business development for the oil, gas, power generation and renewable energy sectors.