Interference Study for AC/DC Power Line

Interference study for AC/DC power line between the medium voltage underground (3F-4H) Mazatlán bridge, South entrance. Circuit 4050, 4050 ZU and Pemex pipelines.

    Project Objectives
  • Detailed drawings of each crossing.
  • Soil resistivities along the path.
  • The induced voltages and currents considering: conductive, inductive and capacitive coupling.
  • Determine the potential risk from corrosion due to electromagnetic coupling on the existing pipes.
  • Identify possible interference by stray currents (DC).
  • Elements that can accelerate corrosion processes.
  • Propose mitigation measures AC interference.
  • Stages of the Project
  • Field survey: Photographic report, resistivity measurement, general plan of crossovers and parallels, electric surveys and pipe location.
  • Simulation and calculation: Determining AC voltage induced in normal and maximum chargeability powerlines, single-phase fault conditions and atmospheric discharge, conductive coupling and electrical stress on coating, determination of stray currents (Int . by DC ) and calculation of gradients potential.
  • General conclusions: Recommendations of interference mitigation by AC / DC, safety recommendations for infrastructure and staff and procedure for monitoring and analysis of risk conditions for AC / DC once built the infrastructure.